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Why Choose UFirst to Ship Your Car?

  • No Upfront Deposit
  • Discounted Rates
  • No hidden Fees
  • Direct Transport: One Driver & One Truck
  • No Terminals
  • Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Bonded Carriers
  • Express and Enclosed Transport Services Available
  • Licensed by the FMSCA

Car Shipping Services

UFirst Auto Transport offers Door to Door Auto Transport, Auto Transport to all 50 states, Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers, Direct Transport, & Port to Port Auto Transport. Check out all our services today!

Car Shipping Reviews

T. Marshall
February 25, 2019

Was gladly surprised with high-quality service. I can hardly lay on someone’s car transportation reviews but in that case, I can tell you: you can trust that company as your granny. Such a comfortable service I’ve never got in touch before! When traveling often by air, I was almost dissatisfied with the fact that in my business visits (and they sometimes are quite long-term ones) I need to book a car, to adjust my driver’s skills to a new model each time and to spend lots of money. But with it, I have a great chance to use my own vehicle in every city I’m visiting while my business trip. Thanks to car transport reviews that I get known about this service!

Brian M
January 17, 2019

Have you ever moved to another village or even to another state? I wish you have never got such an experience though it’s real trauma. And you have to deal with hundreds of things to do before you get to your new home. Car transportation is one of such things. And I can say, it is one of the most important ones! Once I’ve seen a car transport review posted by my ex-girlfriend, whom I really trust. She also moved out after our breakout and now lives somewhere near Austin, Texas. I’ve never thought about how did she get her car two thousand kilometers from our neighborhood. Now I do. And I kept her car shipping company review in mind so, when I had to deal with my relocation to New Orleans, I almost had a plan! Thanks to the company, I got to my new home at the same time my car did. It was carefully fixed and I got it safe and sound.

Michael Maryott
January 11, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a problem – I needed to make a present for my girlfriend. But the matter was compounded by the fact that I was on a business trip to San Diego, and the girlfriend lives in Minneapolis. She dreamed of a car, but I just could not come to her and buy a suitable model in Minnesota. Had to get out: buy a car in California. But how to deliver it to her? To go all this distance was neither strength nor time. Therefore, I read car shipping reviews, chose the best of the offers – and did not lose. I myself would surely deliver the car in the dust and without a festive mood. And then the driver took it from the passenger compartment in my presence, loaded it into the trailer, accepted it according to the documents. And a day later, exactly on the birthday of my beloved, her gift was in place! It’s good that we can give gifts from a distance.

Car Transportation Company: Get Your Car to Any point on the Map!

Car transportation is a service that sooner or later every car owner encounters. There can be many reasons: an urgent move, a sudden business trip, because of which the car stays in your garage, and you need it urgently. Buying a car in other states … there can be many situations, but one solution for all of them: you need to choose a reliable car transporting company.

Our company that is called Car Transportation will come to the rescue. How can we help you?

? Transportation of cars of any class and year of manufacture at any distance in the United States.
? Friendly and attentive service at all stages, from your first call to our office before transferring the car to you.
? A lot of transportation options, each of which we select for your situation. An individual approach to each client is our advantage over other car carriers.

So, let’s talk a little about us.

Our company has chosen for itself a demanded and useful type of activity – car transportation services. In our team, we have gathered professionals in a variety of areas from managers to professional truckers. Due to the combination of our knowledge and skills, each of our clients receives high-quality service and can be sure that his car will arrive safe and sound at the specified address.
How we are working:

? You contact our company or look at our website to get complete information about the timing and cost of car transportation.
? We will contact you to clarify the details, choose the best transportation option, and coordinate additional options.
? At the appointed time, our driver on the covered track arrives and picks up your car.
? On the road, the car is insured and arrives at its destination intact.
Everything is simple and very convenient for you.
When our services have no analogues in the market? There are many cases, and each of them is unique in its own way. We will give only a couple of arguments in favor of the fact that we offer the best service in the market:
? With us, you can arrange a move exactly at the time that is convenient for you. No force majeure, we strive to satisfy each client and are very strict about the terms of transportation.
? Polite drivers are not nonsense; with us, it is a reality. All staff of our company has a strict corporate code, which also applies to the rules of communication with customers. Impeccable courtesy, responsiveness and a willingness to help solve your problem are an important part of this corporate code.
? Transportation to the most remote corners of the country – for us, this is a piece of cake. Moreover, we always offer our customers convenient and economical delivery options, for example, you can pick up your car on one of the highways if you do not want to pay for the mileage that the driver wraps during the entrance to your village.
However, we offer door delivery even on routes from Austin to Anchorage!

Advantages of contacting our car transport company:

? Professionals take care of your car and its delivery to the desired point in the country.
? An individual approach is the basis of our work. We do not act the same way if you need to transport a large crossover car or a miniature subcompact. For each car and route, we develop our own algorithm of actions. It depends not only on the type of car but also on your requirements and wishes, features of the route and other factors.
? Constant tracking of the route: our operators are always in touch and are ready to provide you with the most current information on the location of your car.
? Accurate logistics: we plan routes to deliver your car from point A to point B not only in the fastest way but also with maximum safety.
? Round-the-clock user support: we do not close the office door at exactly 6 p.m., our employees try to stay in touch at any time.

A lot, right? But that is not all. We formulate the cost of the car transporting according to the most loyal formulas. In pricing, we take into account the average cost of transport services in the US market, the type and model of your car, the route and its length, the urgency of delivery and the condition of the car (if your car is on the go and does not have problems with the steering, brake system and chassis, shipping cost will be more profitable for you).

At the same time, we do not require 100% prepayment for our services. To transport your car you do not have to sign the check first – you can pay for it at the time of transferring the whole and safe car into your hands.
Transportation of cars is our thing and the activity that we are performing the best. Don’t rack your brains to plan your move with your car – deliver car transportation to the best of the best pros!